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Medal Sports
Direct source offers a wide range of medals such as Football Medals, Rugby Medals, Running Medals and a lot more. will show you a full extensive range for all your medals and awards needs.

Direct Source supplies medals for all event and sport types such as:

- Badminton Tournament Medals

- Swimming Medals

- Swimming Gala Medals

- Running Medals

- Football Tournament Medals

- Rugby Tournament Medals

- Go karting medals

- Tennis Tournament Medals

- Athletics Event Medals

- 10k and Fun Run Medals
- Specially Designed Event Medals

- Dance Competition Medals

- Budget Event Medals

- Low Price Sport Event Medals

- Fun Run Medals

- Marathon Run Medals

- Triathlon Medals

- Chairty Run Medals

- Charity Event Medals

- Cycling Event Medals

Direct Source and National Trophy Supplied Areas:
Direct Source Medals on a national basis. Direct Source can supply medals to places all over England such as Reading, London, Oxford, Swindon, Bristol, Torquay, Plymouth, even places as far as Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and many cities in the North.

Direct Source will also supply medals to places in Scotland.

Click on the links below for costs in your area:

Midlands/East Midlands

Medals England

Medals London

Midlands/West Midlands

Medals Birmingham

Medals Manchester

South East

Medals Coventry

Medals Newcastle

South West

Medals Sunderland

Medals Bristol

South Wales

Trophies and Medals Cardiff

Medals Swansea

Medals Newport

West Wales

Medals Wrexham

Medals Carmarthen

Medals Pembroke

North Wales

Medals Wrexham

Medals Bangor

Medals Rhyl

Medals Edinburgh

Medal Dundee

Medal Aberdeen

Medals Glasgow

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